For 2017 debut collection, SUNLOVERS & Co. has created 4 beautiful prints inspired by the flowers you can see around summer time in Australia. 


They all have eye catching colours and sophisticated look with very detailed motifs and unique patterns. 


The colours are carefully selected not to stand out too much but harmonise in nature as well as any type of skin tone.

In late spring to early summer, Australian streets are awash with the magnificent purple-blue blooms of Jacaranda which thrives in tropical, warm temperate climates and love a sunny position. 


The ‘Jacaranda’ print was inspired by seasonal, ephemeral Jacaranda purple and its elegant shape of the flower. 


Exotic patterns and vibrant colours are meant to complement perfectly so that the print itself has an exquisite balance of contrast.

Also commonly known as Plumeria, grows widely around the warmer parts of Australia in early spring to late summer. 


It has a truly beautiful flower and sweet smells. Frangipani is the symbol of summer and tropical beach culture. 


Our ‘Frangipani’ print was specifically inspired by the gradation colour of pink-orange frangipani to show soft, warm, gentle feeling of the flower to match feminine side of beauty that every women has. 

Tacca Chantrieri has a purple-black, curious yet magnificent inflorescence with wide-spread wings and whisker-like bracts hanging from the side. 


The inflorescence of this tropical plant almost looks like a bat or jungle cat in the wild, so giving the plant a common name of the Black Bat Flower.


This unique flower became inspiration for the print ‘Tacca’ which is mono-tone, chic and a little masculine feeling print

to suite women for all ages. 

Poinciana has a wide spreading umbrella-like canopy which provides great shade as well as vibrant colour from red through to orange flowering throughout summer in Australia.


The print ‘Poinciana’ was created to symbolise the beauty of this flower as well as the heat and excitement of Australian summer by mainly using warm colours with bits of blue accent tone to sharpen the whole image and atmosphere of the print.   

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